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<b>Psychiatric Clinic</b><br><br>Our<b> psychiatric clinic in Thiruvannamalai</b> treats adults and adolescents with complex mental illness, including severe addictive disorders, personality & anxiety and by experienced psychiatrist. We offers <b>pre-employment health checkup in Thiruvannamalai.</b><br><br>The department of psychiatry is stated with objectives of promoting better psychiatric care for the patients attending this hospital. The field of psychiatry includes<b> child and adult psychiatry, adult psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, consultation-liaison psychiatry, emergency psychiatry, addiction and substance abuse psychiatry, forensic psychiatry.</b><br><br>A person with one or more of the following symptoms should be evaluated by a psychiatrist as soon s possible.<br><br><ul><li>    Marked personality change</li><li>    inability to coupe up with problems daily activities</li><li>    Strange ideas</li><li>    Excessive worries</li><li>    Prolonged depression and apathy</li><li>    Marked changes in eating or sleeping patterns</li><li>    Extreme highs and lows</li><li>    Abuse of alcohol or drugs</li><li>    Excessive anger , hostility or violent behavior</li><li>    A person who is thinking or taking about suicide or homicide should seek help immediately.</li></ul><br><b><u>Facilities</u></b><br><br><ul><li>    Management strategies</li><li>    Pharmacotherapy with anti-psychotics, anti depressants, mood stabilizers, anxiolytics, sedatives & hypnotics</li><li>    Psychotherapy</li><li>    Behavior therapy</li><li>    Family therapy, marital counseling</li><li>    Stress management for students</li><li>    De-addiction therapy</li><li>    Electro-convulsive therapy</li><li>    Biofeedback therapy</li><li>    Group therapy</li><li>    Recreation therapy</li><li>    Occupation therapy</li><li>    Rehabilitation</li></ul><br><b><u>1. Introduction to your specialty:</u></b><br><br>Psychiatry is the need of the hour. Psychological disturbance play a major role in all aspects of life events. Psychological disturbances range from disturbance in sleep pattern, restlessness, anxiety to unknown fear, ambivalent thoughts, and suspiciousness. Psychiatric services is so underutilized in India. People fail to identify co-existing / secondary psychological disturbances. With enormous faith in various religion, severe mental illness is misunderstood / masked as ill-logical believes, which are treated through magico-religious practice which actually requires psychiatric treatment.<br><br><b><u>2. Services offered:</u></b><br><br>- Pharmacotherapy.<br><br>- Psychotherapy.<br><br>- De-addiction treatment.<br><br>- Suicide prevention & intervention.<br><br>- Counseling.<br><br>- Marietal therapy.<br><br>- Screening & assessments for children.<br><br>- Family counseling.<br><br>- Geriatric care.<br><br>- Psychometric assessments.<br><br>- Psycho-education.<br><br><b><u>3. Interest:</u></b><br><br>- Acute & chronic psychiatric care.<br><br>- De-addiction therapy.<br><br>- Child psychiatry.<br><br>- Neuropsychiatry.<br><br>- Counseling.<br><br><b><u>4. What you would share to society as holistic specialty care:</u></b><br><br>To create awareness among the general public about psychiatric / psychological disturbances & emphasis the importance of psychiatric treatment / care.<br><br>To break the stigma on psychiatry, psychiatric illness & treatment.<br><br>To educate the importance of early diagnosis, intervention & rehabilitation.<br>