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Details of Skin Clinic

<b>Cosmetic Skin Clinic</b><br><br><b>Raj Multispeciality Hospital in Thiruvannamalai </b>is the <b>best skin clinic in Thiruvannamalai </b>especially for <b>skin grafting center</b>. Our cosmetic clinic provides a specialized <b>skin care surgery</b> by advanced technologies.<br><br>Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing with the skin and its diseases. Our skin clinic in the hospital deals with the following areas of dermatology treatments. The clinic has expert consultants to carry & elaborate skin related surgeries with utmost efficiency.<br><br><b>• <u>Cosmetic Dermatology</u></b><br><br>The hospital’s Cosmetic dermatology is a treatment given to patients to improve and enhance their personal appearance through cosmetic surgery. <br><br><b>• <u>Dermatopathology</u></b><br><br>The hospital’s Dermatopathology treatment deals with skin diseases caused by pathogens which could involve a surgery at times. Our expert dermatologists are equipped to deal with any complicated surgery related to skin diseases<br><br><b>• <u>Paediatric Dermatology</u></b><br><br>The hospital’s comprehensive dermatological service for children includes a range of treatments. Our team of experts at the hospital is assisted by skilled nurses who provide continuous support to the patients<br>