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Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy Cardio pulmonary rehabilitation is suitable for patients wi... View more
Post Operative Rehabilitation Rehabilitation is a crucial component to regain full functi... View more
Clinical Pilates Is a form of physical exercise that focuses on posture,core... View more
Sports Rehabilitation Rehabilitation is often recommended for individuals of all ... View more
Our treatment and services Back/Neck (Spine) Rehabilitation: This form of therapy hel... View more
In PhysiotherapyWhat sets us apart , Take a lot of our facilities and services we offer to ensur... View more
Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation When most people think of physiotherapy or rehabilitation t... View more
FEVER ACUTE PROFILE Urine Complete Analysis / Complete Blood Count with ESR / Ma... View more
WELL WOMEN PACKAGE SILVER Alanine Aminotransferase(ALT/SGPT) / Aspartate Aminotransfer... View more
MHC TITANIUM WOMEN (<35 YEARS) Creatinine / Glucose - Fasting / Urine Complete Analysis / L... View more
MHC TITANIUM WOMEN (>35 YEARS) This Health Package Includes Mammogram Both Breasts / Creat... View more
MHC TITANIUM MEN This Health Package Includes : Creatinine / Glucose - Fasti... View more
Our Lab Raj Hospitals has one of the best well-equipped, modern labs... View more
Online Labs Reports Lab(tie-up with medall diagnostic centre) . YOUR ONLINE LAB ... View more
Pharmacy Our in-house pharmacy plays a very pivotal role in the entir... View more
Neuro rehabilitation This comprehensive rehabilitation regime can help the patie... View more
Post natal rehabilitation Post natal rehabilitation is most important right after deli... View more
AMBULANCE SERVICES Calls are answered by well-trained staffs. During any emer... View more